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Based out of Hood Aerodrome in Masterton, Wairarapa Flying Tigers is a society that was established by Tom Williams back in 1974 and was originally known as New Zealand Sport and Vintage Aviation Society (SVAS). 


Recently renamed Wairarapa Flying Tigers, our mission is to preserve, teach and promote New Zealand’s aviation history and aircraft through:

  • the acquisition and restoration of vintage, veteran or otherwise desirable aircraft for historical purposes;

  • the active operation, static display and maintenance to operational standards of these aircraft and others constructed in the classical tradition;

  • the provision of or participation in public airshows or similar events throughout New Zealand;

  • the completion and operation of the George Hood Aviation Centre at Hood Aerodrome Masterton and;

  • providing the New Zealand public with the opportunity to experience the aviation heritage of the Wairarapa and New Zealand in general with a particular emphasis on children and young adults through providing opportunities to participate in historical aviation activities.

Since its formation in the late 1970s the Society has accumulated a substantial asset base in terms of hangars, aircraft and associated artifacts connected with aviation.

The Wairarapa Flying Tigers is a unique organisation in the world of preservation societies.  No other vintage aircraft collection is owned by its collective membership and permits ready access to its assets by pilot, engineer and enthusiast members.


The Wairarapa Flying Tigers does just that – flies Tiger Moths (and other aircraft) preserved for future generations.  The Society is determined that this unique character be preserved and that the concept of private individual membership is retained, while other more substantial forms of funding are pursued to secure the Society's continuing development. 


Our current aircraft inventory:

  • Tiger Moth ZK-ANL (airworthy) on loan from the Wylie family; was the last Ag Tiger

  • Tiger Moth ZK-BLK (airworthy) donated by Ivan East

  • Tiger Moth ZK-BAT (under restoration) owned by Tom Williams

  • Chipmunk ZK-PTN (airworthy) (registration after ex Patron, Peter T Norman)

  • Harvard ZK-SGQ (under restoration) (registration after ex Patron, Stanley G Quill)

  • Proctor V ZK-AQZ (stored)

  • Aermacchi 339 CB (kept at Base Ohakea – received in 2011)

To maintain cash flow, the Wairarapa Flying Tigers operate CAANZ Part 115 pleasure flights, under the New Zealand Warbirds certificate.  Last year we conducted approximately 100 flights through spring, summer and early autumn.  Mostly commercial flights, but several flights supported charitable causes, air show displays and commemorative fly-pasts.  Our pilots all have commercial licenses; most are rated for formation and aerobatic flights as well as the scenic (air experience) flights.

If you are looking to expand your pilot experience, have a long-time interest in tail dragger / vintage aircraft, or see yourself as a warbird pilot one day, then join New Zealand aviation’s best kept secret, the Wairarapa Flying Tigers Society (Inc).

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