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If you are looking to expand your pilot experience, have a long-time interest in tail dragger / vintage aircraft, or see yourself as a warbird pilot one day, then join New Zealand aviation’s best kept secret, the Wairarapa Flying Tigers Society (Inc).

With membership, Aero Club members from around the country have a unique opportunity to access to these wonderful aircraft.  Anywhere else in the country, access such as this would cost you a substantial initial financial investment and high ongoing monthly syndicate rates!

For those who do not have a tail wheel rating, the Wairarapa Flying Tigers recommends initial tail wheel conversion on the Chipmunk. The ‘Chippie’ is a much loved and very capable machine, fully aerobatic, with all the characteristics of early vintage aircraft but with the added comfort of an enclosed cockpit and a modern intercom. Once tailwheel qualified, the Wairarapa Flying Tigers’ experienced instructors will assist and advise on further aircraft progression, to earlier, later or heavier machines.

Membership flying rates are:

  • Tiger Moth - $300 per hour

  • Chipmunk - $350 per hour

  • Instructor Rate - $40 per hour

In addition to the great flying rates for pilots and members, there are many opportunities and benefits associated with becoming a member of the Wairarapa Flying Tigers; we have:

  • Opportunities participate in fly-away weekends to the likes of Tiger Rally etc.,

  • Like-minded members passionate about what we do,

  • A collection of aircraft that are both flying and ready for rebuild/refurb,

  • A readily available research archive and

  • The Kittyhawk Café on the premises, with the best views in the Wairarapa. 


You do not need to be a pilot to join either.  Engineers and enthusiasts are always sought to help with maintenance of aircraft, facilities, and restoration projects (does anyone know how to get a Link Trainer working again?).  Opportunities also exist for those who want to get involved the ground handling, where full supervised training is provided by qualified committee members.  As a member, there are also opportunities to get airborne if the weather is suitable and a pilot has a spare seat available. 

We are also keen for young people to come and join us, where members help grow their passion in aviation, educate them in the history, and provide a unique opportunity to get up close and personal to aircraft. There is something unique about the visible exhilaration displayed by young students who are learning the ropes from the seasoned professionals within the society.  Hood is an ideal venue to learn about aviation, as well as an active and thriving aviation community; there is always something going on.

Join us and fulfill that long held ambition! Become a member for $100 annually, with access to our tailwheel conversion aircraft at low flight hour rates.

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